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Eurobot 2016: The Beach Bots

The team posing in front of the robots.

As every year we took part in the Eurobot 2016 contest, held in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. We entered the contest with two different robots, collaborating to win the game. Some reliability issues prevented our robot from reaching their full potential, and we were ranked 12th.

You can read more about what we did in the 2016 page.

Eurobot 2017: Moon Village

2017 table

In March 2016, ESA (European Space Agency) has revealed its Moon Village project which will take place in 20 years. The goal is to build a permanent plant on the Moon surface with resources gathered in situ.

It is within this context that your robots will set out to conquer the Moon!

Your mission, should you accept it, will consist of:

  • Collecting titanium ores extracted from the lunar soil and collecting lunar modules sent back from Earth by rockets.
  • Building a Moon base with the help of the lunar modules sent from Earth and the ones already presents on the Moon.
  • Funny action: launching a spacecraft in order to prepare flights leaving for planet Mars.

You can find more information about the new contest in the rules.